Lake Forest Stone Veneer

We are often bowled over by the looks and beauty of natural stone, aren’t we? However, they tend to be very costly. Do you know it is very much possible to get those natural looks on your wall by using veneer stones, which are cost-effective and much more durable too?

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Choosing the Best Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer, also known as cultured stone, engineered stone or manufactured stone is a replica of natural stones made of Portland cement primarily, mixed with other natural ingredients and baked in different textured molds. Portland cement is made by mixing clay and chalk. Iron oxide pigment is used as a coloring agent to get predetermined natural colors. Being a manufactured stone, veneer stone is available in various sizes and shapes. These stones look so real that even a trained eye cannot find any difference between the natural and veneer stones.

The stone veneers we supply are cast in molds that we form from very carefully selected natural stones, process them artistically so that we may capture the finest of details of the natural stone. Faux stones we supply emulate all the minute roughs and textures of the original stone.  

Benefits of Stone Veneer over Natural Stone

Following are the pros of veneer over natural stone:

  • It is very cost-effective as it costs less than natural stone. The overall cost is almost half to 1/3rd of the cost of natural stones.
  • It is available in various precut uniform shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.
  • It is very easy to install when compared to the natural ones. The main reason being the weight of veneer stones is much less than natural stones.
  • Cutting and installation become very easy as veneer stones are often porous and light in weight.
  • Color quality is natural, as well as long-lasting.
  • The quality is very predictable, and they are easily available.
  • Require very little or no maintenance.

There are a few cons, too, like the look may be quite homogeneous and brittle, etc. Nevertheless, the results you get by getting these faux stones installed will certainly make you forget those.

Hire Lake Forest Concrete Pros

No matter which type of veneer stones you are planning to install, be it a full stone or a thin stone, be it for interior or exterior, Lake Forest Concrete Pros specialize in all forms. You are sure to be amazed by the quality of the material and work we provide after seeing the results.

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