Lake Forest Concrete Wall

Walls are the essence of any building. Buildings made from brick or stone are essentially walls built side by side or on top of each other. Walls are either load-bearing or non-load bearing. As the name suggests, load-bearing walls are part of a building’s spine: one that ‘bears’ the building’s weight. Non-load bearing walls, on the other hand, only divide the building’s various partitions. This means that non-load bearing walls can be destroyed, whereas load-bearing walls cannot as the building will collapse.

Most residential buildings in the US are constructed with load-bearing walls that are either platform frame or balloon frame. Non-bearing walls are used together with strong structural frames in constructing today’s multi-story structures. 

The integrity, strength, and durability of any wall are highly dependent on the material used and the craftsmanship. At Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we have top masons and use industry-standard equipment to ensure the highest quality walls.

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There are two sorts of walls depending on the methods used for construction and the materials used. These are masonry walls and light partition walls. At Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we specialize in masonry walls. Here is a little information about masonry walls, especially using concrete.

Masonry Walls

Made of cement blocks or bricks stacked together, they are often smeared with plaster on both surfaces. Cement blocks are better known as Concrete Masonry Units (CMUs).

CMUs come in a variety of types, including:

  • Hollow Concrete Blocks
  • Solid Concrete Blocks
  • Flyash Concrete Blocks
  • Lightweight Aerated Concrete Blocks.

Constructing masonry walls is a very delicate process that requires lots of skilled labor. For most contractors, this craftsmanship level is hard to find, as it is expensive to acquire and train skilled masons. However, at Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we spare no expense in gathering the very best talent from all over the region. This is what makes us one of the best contractors in the Lake Forest area.

Concrete walls and block walls pose a big challenge not only because of their delicacy but also because of their weight. For high-rise buildings, engineers have to place beams below the walls to help bear the weight. This also means that once the walls have been constructed, they cannot be moved with beams holding them. 

A large drawback attributed to masonry walls is that they rely on their weight to keep them in place. Cement mortar placed between blocks only connects them loosely. This makes them vulnerable to earthquakes that shake the entire building horizontally. It is thus advisable for one to use a lot of beams while constructing concrete walls in Lake Forest.

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