Lake Forest Concrete Pouring

Concrete pouring plays an important role in construction, repair, or renovation in every residential or commercial property. Every site and structure is unique in its way and has different requirements and planning. And of course, that is what we at Lake Forest Concrete Pros love: variety! No matter how unique the site is or how complicated the planning is, we always try to stick to our basics, and this is the reason behind our success in handling concrete installations.

To get an idea as to how we can help out on your project and know more about the approximate cost, speak to one of our experts.

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Durable Concrete Pouring in Lake Forest, CA

Getting the Basics Right!

First, when you contact us for your needs for concrete pouring in Lake Forest, we will schedule an appointment. Then, our concrete team will inspect to understand your requirements better.

Once we get a knack of what you require and you understand what we can provide, we can start on the project. In general, the basic services we provide include:

Preparing the Site

The first task we perform after agreeing on your project is cleaning the entire site area. We often use the latest equipment while cleaning your site. This allows us to remove any stubborn tree roots, old concrete remains, or rocks in the way. In the long run, this will make sure that the concrete installation lasts long.


We then start marking the area where concrete pouring is required. Then, fill it with a layer of gravel and is compacted to serve as a base.


In our next step, we lay forms on the edges of the marked area between which concrete has to be poured.


Once forming is done, we start installing the concrete between the forms. Depending on your site’s location, we may bring in our concrete truck to prepare the mix and pour it directly into the concrete. In places where this is not feasible, we will pump up the concrete mix into the site area, and our professionals will even make it compact, so the mix is free of any air pockets.


After pouring, depending on the kind of finish you want, we will prepare the surface by using large boards, trowels, and floats. Once the surface is prepared, our concrete pouring experts will then begin working on the finishing.


This is the last stage of concrete pouring, during which the concrete is allowed to rest and heal. We often suggest our clients using a curing compound at this stage as it helps the surface cure evenly and thus, decreases the chances of cracking.

Though there is a lot more to the services we extend, these are the basics we follow to the T to give you the best possible result.

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