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    Welcome to the contractors of the best quality Lake Forest contractor in southern California. Our goal is to make the homes and businesses of our clients stand out with amazing concrete and stone hardscape that will last for decades. We know this kind of work like the backs of our hands. Years of experience have taught us the most effective methods to build for our clients the perfect project of cosmetic appeal combined with practical functionality.

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    There are lots of architectural styles on display in our fair city. This suits our taste for the eclectic, though we’ve also been known to take great care in never straying too far from the way of the surroundings. We work alongside Victorian, Greek Revival, and Colonial homes just to name a few. Condominiums, vacation homes, and business blocks all arrive under our scope. Let’s get into more specifics about what we can do for you.


    Pool Decks

    There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous pool deck alight in the warmth of the California sun, or shimmering at night by the glow of lights installed atop a concrete wall. Making it gorgeous is what we’ll do, using a number of techniques honed to pinpoint precision by our team of impassioned professionals.

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    For starters, did you know that stamped concrete service is one of our greatest skills? Be it with poured concrete or concrete pavers, we can imprint upon an uncured surface any number of appealing designs to match the surroundings of your swimming pool.

    Looking for a bit of contrast instead? No problem; we can do that, too. Concrete can even be stamped to replicate natural stone. Imagine a pool deck of what appears to be terracotta or flagstone for a little less money than what you’d pay for the real McCoy.

    Imagine also all the colors at your disposal. Because with colored concrete you get exactly that and then some. Decades of experimentation with the material, plus numerous technological advancements, have provided consumers with a virtually endless array of alluring hues.

    It all goes back once more to harmonizing the deck with the landscape or making it stand out a bit from the crowd. We also do concrete repairs and refurbishing on those rare occasions a bit of touching up becomes necessary.

    None of these things, of course, is more important than safety, especially on a wet surface. That’s why we always recommend a slip-resistant treatment to pool coping and the deck itself.

    This treatment can involve a broom finish, wherein the bristles of a special broom are moved across wet concrete to leave grooves that are easy to walk on once everything’s dry. Salt finished concrete is another popular method for safe traversal.

    Sprinkles of rock salt are dashed over an uncured surface that leave tiny, gripping pockmarks behind after they’re removed.

    Concrete Patios

    Concrete patios are another service we get lots of calls for. To quote Dan Aykroyd from that famous movie about catching ghosts:  “We handle this kind of thing all the time.” Clients love the idea of a decorative concrete leisure space to hang out with friends and family. We love the idea of building, to perfect specifications, a patio that does just that.

    Concrete is just as versatile here as it is with pool decks. Any color you desire is well within reach. Colored concrete works just like a dye, which means it affects the entire batch, not just the surface. And of course our stamped concrete service is on call for any patio installation. That wondrous look of natural stone we create for pool decks is no less wondrous without the water.

    In addition to poured concrete, concrete pavers are used often with outdoor flooring. These sections of concrete are created and designed (to the client’s specifications) off site for easy installation over specially prepared soil. Have an older patio that’s ready for a facelift?

    A thin layer of concrete overlay can be placed over existing concrete to make that flooring shine like new. These are but a few of the things Lake Forest Concrete Pros specializes in.

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    Many home or business owners consider the driveway to be something of a focal point for the front of their property.

    The curb appeal it creates—or can create—has the potential to leave lingering impressions.

    We fully understand the importance of this, and never fail to approach driveway work with our best foot forward. You’ll get excellent stamped concrete service, colored concrete service, and everything that goes with them.

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    Even if you’re not thinking of laying down a fully garnished driveway, some decorative bordering can bejewel a plain surface quite beautifully. We can install concrete pillars at the entrance to give visitors a majestic welcome.

    Concrete driveways stand up great in the California heat; in fact, they’re very durable under just about any kind of abuse. Their edging is crisp and straight. And because concrete is anything but a one-trick pony, you’re certain to get the look you’re going for.

    Concrete Walls

    Did you know that a concrete retaining wall not only looks gallant from its perch atop a sloped landscape, it also supports loose soil, packing it tighter and decreasing the risk of a messy collapse.

    We build the finest retaining walls in the business. They can support soil on one side and a flight of steps on the other. They can sport signage for your business. The great thing about retaining walls is their multi-functionality. Our concrete services also cover more traditional walls. These can include a border for your landscape, garden, or swimming pool.

    Other Concrete Services

    Shown above is a mere portion of our capacity. Our Lake Forest concrete masonry extends to so much more. For instance, for days when the California heat gets a little too hot for bare feet on their way to the pool, we can install cool deck, or cool decking, which deflects the harshest sunlight from a concrete surface to keep it from sizzling the skin. We also do concrete walkways, stairs, countertops, and fireplaces indoors and out. You can also call to get a quote for a block wall/CMU wall, and now another service we are adding is polished concrete floors, which can really brighten your home. 

    We do resurfacing and refinishing for older concrete; this may include our concrete grinding service, which is a way smoothing over an old surface with an abrasive pad to make it receptive to concrete overlay or other kinds of refurbishing. The extent of our skills reaches far.

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    It could be said that the reason concrete has become so versatile over the years was simply to catch up—or attempt to catch up—with the amazing beauty of stone and brick masonry. And while concrete has done a very good job of keeping pace, for some clients there is just no substitute. They must have quarried quality.

    Stone Masonry

    A stone wall is always charming, and we build them to the highest standards. We work in both dry stone and mortar, and cover some of the most popular material for the purpose, such as:

    • Sandstone
    • Fieldstone
    • Limestone
    • Granite

    Stone walls require patience and skill. With us you’ll get both, plus the experience to make you confident in what we’re doing. A call to us is a call to service you can trust.

    Stone veneer is used on low impact vertical surfaces. We place a thin layer of real stone over concrete backing to present a very convincing semblance of one hundred percent natural work. This veneer can be grooved, chiseled, or etched to many different designs. It’s going to look great while saving you a bit of money in the bargain.

    Stacked stone serves a similar purpose in that it’s for vertical creation only; however, it is not attached to a backing. Clients love stacked stone not only for the shine that comes with all natural stone, but for the exposure of its thin edges which invoke many different textured surfaces, depending on the kind of stone being used.

    Need a surface you can walk on, such as a patio or pool deck? Our paver stone service is unmatched by any in the business. After a consultation to determine the project’s appearance and purpose, the paver stones arrive at the site ready to place. Cobblestone and travertine are common types used as pavers. But rest assured that whatever material you choose, it’s going to look amazing. It’ll also be strong enough to last for decades.

    Oh, and remember those concrete pillars we offered to build at the end of your driveway? We also build stone pillars. These pillars can provide a bit of embellishment as to the actual size of your property; in other words, they can make it look bigger. Limestone or granite is a smart choice. These also look good for natural stone fireplaces, another of our specialties.

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    Brick Masonry

    Speaking of fireplaces, the brick masonry at Lake Forest Concrete Pros is second to none. That means we can build a brick outdoor fireplace to compliment (or complement) any concrete patio or pool deck.

    We give the same irreproachable conduct to brick walls. Brick pavers are solid all the way through and are used on flat surfaces that often get walked on.

    That patio or pool deck you’re thinking about will certainly look fantastic in brick. Pavers are easy to clean, easy to fix, and because they don’t readily absorb liquid, are resistant to staining.

    Retaining Walls

    Whether you choose brick, stone, or concrete, our retaining walls always present an attractive face to all who see them.

    They’re here to do the work as well, and will, protecting a hilly landscape from the forces of gravity. We build retaining walls straight or curved, high or low, big or small. The choice is yours, as is the satisfaction of knowing you called the right team for the job.

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    Other Masonry Services

    The above doesn’t cover everything. To do that we’d need to keep you here for the rest of the day. But before you pick up that phone to give us a call, let us say that we’re also happy to do:

    • Countertops
    • Walkways
    • Stairways
    • Outdoor kitchens

    Really, we can go on and on. Give us a call and share what’s on your mind.

    Getting started is that simple—call us up. From there the seasoned experts at Lake Forest Concrete Pros can find out what you’d like to have done and get right to work. We thank you for your patronage. We won’t let you down.

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