Lake Forest Block Wall

A concrete block wall from Lake Forest Concrete Pros can stand for a lifetime. The term “quality construction” paints its boasting with a wide brush, but let us say this: There is no block wall contractor with the experience, the material, and the skills to match ours. What is a concrete wall supposed to do?

Most of the time, it’s not just one job. Of course, a function is of the highest importance, but they also need to look good doing what they do. That’s common knowledge here, so our garden walls, retaining walls, accent walls, and honestly, every wall we build are as attractive as they are strong.

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Lake Forest Concrete Pros Method

When you contact us about a new wall—or about repairs to an existing wall—we make sure to take down all the information we need. Nothing is assumed concerning what you expect to see when the job is finished. Once we arrive on-site, the foundation is staked. The size of your wall will be physically mapped out to your exact specifications. After that, we excavate.

The surface is removed to the appropriate depth, and if necessary, a foundation is applied to support the ensuing courses of CMU blocks or cinder blocks. Should your wall come up much higher than six feet, extra reinforcement gets added in the form of metal rebars. No matter what the case, the results are going to be both attractive and reliable.

Lake Forest Concrete Pros Design

A typical CMU block consists of portland cement, sand, and gravel, which is light gray in appearance. Cinder blocks come from volcanic cinder, and they are a darker, deeper gray. Each can be dyed to different colors and cut into varying shapes. We can even add veneer to the exposed sections, such as natural stone or brick. Ever wonder about those blocks that look cut with a hammer and chisel? Those are called split-faced blocks—and yes, we build with them, too.

One call to Lake Forest Concrete Pros gets you everything needed for excellence in concrete block wall construction. We’re available at (949) 899-6146. Get in touch with us today and get free estimates.