Lake Forest Brick Pavers

If you want to give your driveways, walkways, patios and garden paths a modern, yet natural look, brick pavers are what you are looking for! Surfaces made from brick pavers increase the curb appeal of your home and the durability of your exteriors.

Lake Forest Pros, Trusted Concrete Team

We at Lake Forest Concrete Pros, the leading brick pavers in Forest Lake City, make sure that the brick pavers used in your project are made of top quality compressed clay and are treated to high temperatures so they can last longer.

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Bricks Pavers – Quality and Variety

High-quality bricks are made from clay that is available naturally. The clay mix is then compressed tightly to avoid any pores using clay compressing machines before heating them at high temperatures. Bricks thus formed are so strong that they are almost impermeable. Brick pavers made out of natural clay come in a wide variety of shades depending on the soil they are made from.

Also, depending on the climatic conditions prevailing in each region of their origin, the colors and the texture of the clay are entirely different, and so are the bricks formed from them. The variety also comes in the shapes and sizes into which the clay is compressed. So, when it comes to brick pavers at Lake Forest Concrete Pros, property owners have a huge variety of bricks to choose from.

Difference Between Regular Bricks and Brick Pavers

Regular bricks are the ones that are used in vertical constructions such as buildings, homes, garden walls, etc. Also known as face bricks, they have a hole in the center to allow the air to escape through them. Brick pavers, on the other hand, are stronger and designed to be used on flat surfaces. They are entirely solid and do not have any holes in them. To make your brick paver installation quicker and compact, our professionals often use interlocking brick pavers. These are known to create tighter surfaces as the bricks get locked with each other creating a pavement capable of withstanding greater loads.

Brick Pavers Installation

We, at Lake Forest Concrete Pros, understand the importance of foundation to make your brick paving project a success. Whether we are installing a new patio or replacing your concrete walkway with brick pavers, we make sure that we get the basics of the foundation right. Before our experts go ahead with the installation, the entire area is leveled, weeds removed, tree roots and protruding rocks are dismantled to make it as plain as possible. Once the entire site is flattened, we lay on it a weed cloth to avoid any weeds that may grow through the surface.

After that, a layer of sand is applied and raked flat before laying brick pavers. In short, we take all the precautionary measures needed to make the structure last as long as possible.

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