Lake Forest Concrete Resurfacing

For the last half-century or more, concrete has undeniably been the most used construction material. For outdoor structures such as driveways and walkways, it has been the material of choice because it is sturdy and very durable.

However, as many homeowners may have witnessed, concrete is not invulnerable. It does age. When concrete ages, cracks appear, and weeds being to sprout. There are a few options for fixing such issues. Some people may prefer to rip out the concrete and completely redone while others choose to pour the concrete mix on top of the old surface. While these may both be viable options, the first one is costly, and the second one doesn’t work well since concrete does not contain binding agents.

At Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we advise our customers to choose concrete resurfacing in Lake Forest as the best method for repairing cracked concrete. Having repaired many driveways and walkways for various customers in the Lake Forest area, we have seen the superiority of concrete resurfacing over other alternatives. If you are looking to increase your floor’s overall outlook and lifespan, call Lake Forest Concrete Pros at 949-899-6146.

Here is a quick guide to concrete resurfacing and its benefits.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete surfacing involves pouring a cement-based overlay with special bonding agents. The mixture adheres to create a beautiful and smooth new surface. The new surface dries and gets stronger and more durable.

Does my Surface Qualify for Resurfacing?

While concrete resurfacing may be very useful for minor damages, it cannot fix structural problems like large holes or extreme damage. These have to be fixed before pouring concrete surfacing as the cracks will reappear through the new surface.

Process of Resurfacing


Before the resurfacing, the area has to be prepared first. This involves a cleaning to remove loose concrete and other debris around. A power washer is used to remove loose and flaky concrete and any other fragments.

Patch Spalled Areas

As mentioned earlier, big cracks and holes have to be repaired before pouring the surfacing. The cracks are reinforced, primed with fabric, and then covered with polymer concrete. Holes are filled with an epoxy mortar.

Covering the Surface

Once repairs are made, the surface is ready for the polymer concrete. This is poured after the surface is primed. Refinishing is then done using a trowel.

Coloring and Sealing

Concrete surfacing also allows for one to radically improve the floor’s aesthetics by applying decorative coloring. A seal coat can also be added to protect the new surface from the elements.


While the floor is being cured with water, you will have to wait for 48 – 72 hours before using your driveway or walkway.

Benefits of Concrete Surfacing


Compared to alternatives like ripping up and replacing old concrete or even pouring new concrete mix over the old, concrete surfacing is very cost-efficient. With concrete resurfacing, you save on both the cost of materials and labor while getting a brand-new look for your floor.

Aesthetically Flexible

While concrete resurfacing may begin just as a repair job, it also opens the door for increased visual appeal. Concrete staining, which is the most used method in conjunction with concrete resurfacing, can achieve wide-ranging effects such as natural stone, wood, distressed leather, and colorful murals.

Styles like overlays, exposed aggregate, saw-cut patterns, and stamping can also be created, thus providing a wider range of options.

Increase Resilience to Wear and Tear

Materials used in concrete surfacings like heavy-duty epoxy systems and sealants are very durable and can even be stain resistant. Concrete resurfacing can make your floor last longer than existing concrete.

Increases the Value of your Home

Fixing or repairing your floor with concrete surfacing makes the floor looks new such that the process becomes an investment in your home. The repairs, the custom design aspect, and the sealant that increases the floor’s lifespan all work to increase the overall value of your home.

Concrete resurfacing has been proven to be the best method for repairing and giving new life to your aging floors. The added custom design aspect and the seal will give your driveways and walkways a new lease on life.