Lake Forest Colored Concrete

Looking to give your landscape a new look that will turn heads? Colored concrete will serve the purpose in the most efficient and economical way. It is a unique method that replicates the natural look of stones, slate, bricks, etc.

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Residential and Commercial Colored Concrete

Many of us are of the opinion that colored concrete is merely dyed or painted concrete. Not really. We use a predetermined metal oxide; grind it and the pigment powder obtained thereafter, we add to the concrete. We use this method because this is the most popular method and it is also best known to be resilient to harsh weather conditions as well as UV rays. The main reason for its resilience is the fact that the color is mixed when the concrete is wet and not set.

Stamped concrete is another form of color concrete that gives you a natural feel and look. It is possible to create a number of patterns and textures with it. This is the reason the maximum of our clients fall for it. 

How to Choose the Perfect Colored Concrete?

It may often be very confusing for you to select a perfect color. But, it is not that hard too. Have a look at the colors of the surrounding where you want to use the colored concrete. Think of the supplementary or complementary colors that will match and harmonize with the existing ones. If you are still confused, professionals from Lake Forest Concrete Pros are always there to help you out with their years of experience.

Benefits of Using Colored Concrete

Apart from being one of the most economic alternatives, colored concrete, being concrete is very hard and durable in itself. The high-grade non-yellow sealers we use to seal the colored concrete make sure that it gets rid of all stains and grease or oil marks. The use of dark-colored concrete will help to negotiate any marks. You have a range of colors, designs, patterns, and textures to choose from. It easily withstands harsh climatic conditions and the maintenance cost is almost negligible. Added to the above, the aesthetic appeal it comes with works as an icing on the cake.

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