Lake Forest Stone Masonry

In most of the cases, the basic structure of any building is created by stone masonry. It is a process of creating a primary shape or structure by using rough stones and mortar.

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What is Stone Masonry?

It is an art of building predetermined structures by using small uneven pieces of rock or stone with a mortar and arranging them. It is one of the most ancient processes that have been followed for building structures. However, earlier mud mortar was used due to its easy availability in place of cement mortar, which is more prevalent today.

What are the Uses of Stone Masonry?

Almost all elements of construction need stone masonry. Be it basic walls and foundations, pillars and beams, roof and its coverings, paving and cladding jobs, big monumental structures, and lighthouses, blackboards or railway ballasts, stone masonry is a basic requirement and a defining one too. The various types of stones used for stone masonry work include granite, sandstone, marble, and its slabs, limestone, basalt, gneisses, slate, laterite, etc.

We at Lake Forest Concrete Pros precisely understand which stones are to be used and where. The selection of stone and the masonry process is done according to the structure that needs to be built.

Stone Masonry – Types

The two types of stone masonry that are most prevalent are:

Rubble Masonry

This type of masonry is done by using stones of irregular shape and size. This is the roughest of all types. In other words, the stones are used as they are brought from the quarry. However, a little dressing may be done if necessary. The thickness of the joints in this stone masonry is not uniform.

Rubble masonry may be further divided into the following three subcategories according to the specification 77 of CPWD:

  • Random rubble masonry
  • The first sort coursed rubble masonry
  • The second sort coursed rubble masonry

Ashlar Masonry

Also known as cut stone masonry, it is laid with properly cut and dressed stones and the spread is uniform. It is a bit expensive compared to the rubble masonry, as it needs more labor. If undertaken by expert contractors like us, it not only will be very strong but also will give a beautiful look too. Like rubble masonry, ashlar masonry is divided into two subcategories which are:

  • Plain ashlar masonry
  • Chamfered ashlar masonry

Above we have given you a fair idea of what stone masonry is all about along with a brief on its types.

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