Lake Forest Concrete Cutting

As the name implies, concrete cutting is the process of sawing, drilling, and getting rid of concrete from a place. Concrete is a wonderful construction material that is strong and very durable. Once it sets, it becomes very hard and very difficult to cut or demolish. Whether you are remodeling your home or need a part of a concrete structure broken to repair damaged sewage, you need the services of an experienced and reliable concrete cutting company. 

Lake Forest Concrete Pros is the most loved concrete contractor in the area specializing in cutting concrete. To get a no-obligation, free quote for the job on your property, please call our number (949) 899-6146  today. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective Concrete Cutting

As concrete does not break easily, it requires the use of modern equipment and the concrete contractor’s expertise to carry out the task of cutting in high quality. At Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we have the know-how and all the latest equipment to complete the job on your premises quickly. Our skilled engineers make sure there is minimum noise and virtually no mess during the process of concrete cutting in your property. 

Different Methods of Cutting Concrete

Depending upon the dimensions of the concrete surface and its strength, our engineers use different methods to complete the job at a client’s premises. 

Diamond Sawing

Diamond is the hardest known substance that is capable of cutting the strongest of materials. Diamond saws make it possible to cut through the concrete service in a very fast and efficient manner. Diamond sawing is also preferred because it does not create much sound and fewer vibrations as compared with other methods. With this method, concrete can be cut precisely and in much less time. 

Sawing with Circular Blades

Sawing is done when a wall made of concrete is required to cut through. The machine is mounted on a track and moves ahead by sawing through the concrete with a circular blade’s help. The track allows the machine to climb up a wall or even cut through the ceiling. 

Flat Sawing

This method of cutting concrete is also referred to as slab sawing. It is mostly used to cut through floors, pavements, driveways, sidewalks, and bridge decks. The operator pushes a cart fitted with flat saws from behind to cut the concrete. This method is ideal for getting close to the pipes that have broken underneath the concrete structure. 

Core Drilling

This is a concrete cutting method that is perfect to create holes for passing air conditioning pipes and other wires through a concrete structure. 

At Lake Forest Concrete Pros, we have tons of experience in cutting through concrete for domestic and commercial clients. We have all kinds of saws and cutters to quickly and efficiently facilitate the job at hand on the client’s premises. This is the reason why we are the go-to company for our clients whenever they need someone experienced and reliable to complete the job of cutting concrete. 

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