Lake Forest Stamped Patio

Stamped patios can give a unique decorative touch to the exteriors of your home. With the help of an expert concrete contractor, you can add various colors and textures to your patio to get that elusive look of an expensive stone surface or the feel of a wooden deck that you have been longing for. Stamped concrete used in these projects can help you achieve the same results at an affordable price.

Best Choice Stamped Patio Contractors

Our Lake Forest stamped patio experts from Lake Forest Concrete Pros, with years of experience under their belt, can give your patio the kind of look you wish for. Whether it be a plain patio with a single color and pattern or a multi-colored surface involving various patterns and designs weaved together, we have got you covered!

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Stamped Patio – Popular Options

Homeowners, who want to breathe in a new life into their old patios or add value to their properties by incorporating a trendy patio in their backyards, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Most of these options can not only give your outdoor stamped patio a unique look but can also make them stronger and durable.

Some of the Trendy Stamped Patio Designs Include:

Ashlar Slate

This is an ever-evolving technique as far as constructing stamped concrete patios are concerned. The numerous designs, colors, and finishes available under this method can leave you spoilt for choice. If you want to give your backyard patio a look that resembles classic cut-stone, Ashlar Slate is the way to go!


If you are of the opinion that a good old traditional look will complement your home better, then a brick style stamped concrete is what you want. Apart from satisfying ‘traditional look’ lovers, the brick style method can also meet the expectations of homeowners who want to give their traditional patios a fancy angle. In such cases, our experts use trendy herringbone designs to achieve the desired results.

Wood Stamped Concrete

Homeowners, who love wooden deck patios but are hesitant to install one, due to its durability issues, can opt for a wood stamped concrete method instead. Under the guidance of our expert concrete patio builders, wood stamped concrete method can give your stamped patio a wooden deck touch so real that it will become hard to distinguish it with the original one.

Random Stone

Stamped patios designed to mimic random stone surfaces are meant for the property owners who want to give their patio an organic look. Using a random stone method, our professionals can make your patio look as good as if it were made of natural stones. The kind of precision in terms of randomness this project demands can only be achieved with the help of experts.

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